By registering for the events the Athlete accepts all the conditions of the ACB JJ League.

- The athlete must be confident in the data entered in the registration fields.

- Email linked to the Athlet's account must be active to obtain the necessary information about the tournament(s).

- To change or correct registration data (Name, Age, Belt, Weight, Gender, Academy), the Athlete needs to change the data within the account in the Personal Profile section, or contact  [email protected]. The changes must be done before registration for the event is closed!


-  The amount of registration is 100% refundable before the starts of "late" registration, and 50% (during the "late" registration) before the closure of event registration. After registration for the event is closed, the registration fee is not refundable.

- The registration fee cannot be transferred to another athlete, or transferred to another tournament.

- Refund Process usually takes from 3 to 7 business days.

For above requests, please contact [email protected]


Brackets will be available day before the weigh in. However, the ACB JJ League reserves the right to publish the brackets on the day of weigh in, but no later than 12 hours before the start of the tournament.

Brackets can be changed until the beginning of the weight category on the day of the tournament only, if:

  • In cases where there is 1(One) athlete in the bracket, the ACB JJ League reserves the right to transfer the athlete to the weight higher (14 and older), or athlete can request for a full refund.
  • If there is only 1 (one) athlete in the bracket (under 14 years old), the ACB JJ League reserves the right to transfer the athlete to a higher weight without notifying the participant, to a higher age category (only after a request from the coach), or the athlete can request a full refund.
  • In the event that there are not enough people in the Master 1 Black Belt division to fill the weight divisions, there will be an amalgamation of Brown and Black Belts.

Note: The criteria for weight-to-weight conversion may vary depending on the type of tournament. Please always check the email !!!

The BRACKETS can be changed before the day of weigh-in, on the day of weigh-in, but no later than 12 hours before the start of the fights (FOR ALL EVENTS)


Weigh in  takes place the day before the start of the event day.

Athlete must wear (for the weigh in) a T-shirt, shorts not above the knees and compression paints below the knees (must have). Otherwise, the participant may weigh in with GI's pants and T - shirt.

For weigh in, athlete must have the following documents:

Under 18 years:

1. ID document with a photo of the participant (Passport, Resident ID, Driving License).
2. Receipt from parents (available for download in the "EXTRA" section in the tournament's description.
3. Insurance (The sport of Jiu Jitsu must be mentioned in the insurance).

18 years and older:

1. ID with a photo of the participant (ID).

The athlete must weigh in within the time specified for the Tournament. Otherwise, the athlete will be automatically disqualified.

In case of overweight at the Weighing, the athlete can transfer to the weight higher. 

Event T-shirt will be issued during the weigh in.
The ACB JJ League does not guarantee sufficient availability of T-shirts for all registered athletes.


1. The athlete MUST BE in the warm up area during the event and before fight (At list 40 min before the fight). 
2. Th athlete who isnt in the warm up area before the fights (40 min), will be disqualifed (after two calls to the mat)

1.6 Award zone

After the final fight in the weight category, the winners will be called to the award area.

Athletes must wear GI (On the day of the GI) or NOGI (on the day of the NOGI).
The following are prohibited in the award zone:

  • Outerwear
  • A bag

On the podium are prohibited:

  • Footwear
  • Hats
  • Electronic equipment
  • Flags of other organizations

2. PRIZes

In case the tournament rules rely on cash or other prizes, prizes will be awarded in the following cases:

Cash prizes:

  • If there are at least four athletes in the bracket.

Tour Prizes (Regional tournaments and Championship of Russia):

  • If there are at least four athletes in the bracket.

3. FOR Participants and spectators

PARTICIPANTS should not:

  • Talk on the mat (athlete gets warning)
  • Argue with the referee (athlete's disqualification)
  • Discuss the outcome of the fight with the referee (warning the athlete's academy)
  • Behave irritably: shouting for example (athlete's disqualification)
  • Show disrespect to the opponent (athlete gets warning)
  • Show disrespect to the employees of the organization, to the coordinators. (athlete's disqualification)
  • Jump barriers (athlete's disqualification)
  • Try to get into forbidden areas (athlete gets warning)

SPECTATORS should not:

  • Shout out, talk to the referee
  • Jump over barriers
  • Try to get into forbidden areas
  • Show disrespect to employees and coordinators of the organization

The visitor will be immediately removed from the arena!

The ACB JJ League is not responsible for LEFT ITEMS. Please watch your stuff.